Hedge Optimization:

Longevity hedging programs are designed to achieve a combination of risk management and financial objectives.  Trade optimization includes a cost of capital analysis across a matrix of potential hedging solutions, incorporating actionable market intelligence.  By structuring with our client’s priorities and investors’ preferences in mind, Longitude ensures transactions are well received by the longevity risk market.

Market Access Strategies:

The market for transferring longevity risk is fairly opaque and rapidly changing with growing interest from capital markets investors.  Longitude’s experience and extensive network enable us to advise hedgers on how to access this segmented marketplace successfully.  Our guidance ensures clients obtain sufficient capacity and a competitive price when placing their risk.

Negotiation & Documentation:

Longitude assists our clients and their counsel in drafting and preparing a complete set of transaction documents.  Our experience enables us to craft a hedge structure that protects our client’s interests while conforming with market practice.  This leadership helps transactions proceed smoothly and stay on schedule, while supporting the development of the longevity market generally.

Coordinating Service Providers:

Hedge programs have many processes and functions that require involvement from independent service providers.  Longitude draws together the parties needed to create and manage vehicles, safeguard assets, and all other services needed throughout the life of a transaction.  Having worked with leading market participants we can swiftly coordinate the resources required to transact.

Internal & Regulatory Approval:

Obtaining approvals from key stakeholders, including management boards and regulatory bodies, is a pivotal step for all hedging programs.  Longitude has the knowledge and experience needed to guide internal and external approval committees by developing clear and informative materials, harmonizing the education process, and facilitating introductions to other leading longevity experts.